Industry Sectors

Industry Sectors

Artius Property Protection have developed particular expertise in eight key industry sectors, but we pride ourselves on the fact that our know-how and product range will ensure that whatever industry sector you work in we will be able to provide solutions to suit your needs.
  • Local & Regional Government

    Local & Regional Government

    Artius Property Protection have worked on behalf of both Local and Central Government bodies, across the Public Sector for many…

  • Education


    Artius Property Protection has a long history of providing the education sector with the best fire and security systems to…

  • Retail & Leisure

    Retail & Leisure

    As leaders in fire protection solutions for the leisure industry, we understand the importance of providing a 24 hour service,…

  • Finance & Data Centres

    Finance & Data Centres

    Security continues to be of primary importance to the financial and data management sector, control of information and authorised access…

  • Transport & Distribution

    Transport & Distribution

    We understand that transport and distribution is a cost sensitive environment and that it relies upon smooth operation and efficient…

  • Industrial & Commercial

    Industrial & Commercial

    From office blocks, warehouses to luxury apartments, Artius Property Protection have designed and installed bespoke systems. Artius Property Protection have…

  • Healthcare


    Never have the pressures on the healthcare sector been greater as it attempts to provide the highest standards of patient…

  • Hotel and Hospitality

    Hotel and Hospitality

    As well as working with major global hotel chains, resorts and Spa’s, Artius Property Protection also provide products and services…