Fire Suppression Systems

Fire Suppression Systems

Design, Installation and Maintenance

There are many types of fire suppression & fire extinguishing systems available in today's marketplace; Artius PP can offer most if not all of them.

We are not tied to any one fire suppression product or supplier, enabling us to offer sound and independent advice on the preferred solution for your business. Artius PP will always offer the best system and extinguishant agent to meet the potential risk whilst, of course, always observing precise customer requirements and budgets.

Automatically suppressing or extinguishing a fire, mechanical fire systems pipe liquid or gas to nozzles strategically located for discharge in the event of a fire.

Mechanical systems cover a broad range of suppression fire control necessary to protect domestic, commercial and industrial applications, and contain a combination of tanks or cylinders, pipe work and the use of liquid or gas which is discharged in the event of a fire. Types of mechanical systems include;

Depending on the mechanical system installed, fire is detected through nozzles, heat probes or smoke detectors. Often integrated with building protection systems, fire is detected through either nozzles, heat probes or smoke detectors.