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About Artius PP

At Artius Property Protection our entire focus is on fire and security. We believe passionately that early fire detection can save lives, plant and property. Artius Property Protection management team ensure this ethos always remains at the heart of the organisation and is reflected in all that we do. We take pride in giving you a seamless customer experience, from survey through to installation through to maintenance ensuring your fire protection needs are catered for throughout the life cycle of the system.
With our in-house design team and installation pool we can ensure quality control is maximized and that all our engineers and staff have the appropriate level of competence to meet your needs. But don’t just take our word for it; ask any of the thousands of customers that have benefited from our experience and expertise.


Our Staff

At Artius Property Protection we have a dedicated and expert team that you can rely on.
Above are our top level staff who are supported by a team of specialist engineers.
Please feel free to get in touch with Kenny Moorlen or Dave Oram and they will help you with whatever request you may have.